The Initial Phone Call and Your 30 Second Commercial–June 2012


June 2012


“The Purpose of the Initial Phone Call and Your 30 Second Commercial”


Have you ever gotten off an initial call with a prospect and said to yourself: “geez, that didn’t go as well as I had expected,” or, “I think I could have done a better job creating the value but I’m just not on my A-Game today.”  Maybe you’ve caught yourself saying something like:  “I can’t believe the questions they just asked!” 


It is moments like this that drive me crazy as a sales coach simply because when an initial prospect phone call turns out badly, it is usually because of poor planning or preparation on the Sales Representative’s part.


Many times we find that first-time callers are looking to eliminate you from the pile of confusing choices in front of them.  Often they call already armed with pointed questions because they have checked out your website  and know quite a bit about you.  Most of the time they want to know about the costs involved (i.e. site rent).  What you say over the course of the next 30 to 120 seconds makes the difference between just participating in the sales process versus influencing the sales process.  If you choose to give the quick answer—in this case a dollar amount, I assure you that no matter what amount you say will be too much in the mind of the caller.  In a time where we look for every deal to count…I ask the question:  “how many deals are we losing because the initial phone call failed to do what it needed to do?”


Fortunately the cure for the bad call is simple.  The solution is to be focused on the reason for the call (to obtain an appointment) and to be prepared.  This means scripting out a very precise, easy to understand “30 second commercial.”  One of the added values of a 30 second commercial is that you can use it in a face-to-face presentation with a property visitor/walk-in as well as the initial phone call.


By using a memorized script created in your own words, it ensures you say the right things in the right order at the right time.  It helps shift the “strength” of the call from the caller to you simply because you are prepared for the opportunity to answer the question but answer it in your pre-scripted way.  In doing this, you shift the focus of the call in and around the points of your script.  You will have this opportunity the moment the caller asks you for additional information about your product (usually at the beginning of the call).  We need to answer the caller’s question but we need to build the value prior to giving the direct answer.  Typically, callers will wait about 30 seconds before becoming anxious for the core answer.  Your carefully memorized 30 second commercial will provide the answer (at the end) but also give you time enough to build the necessary value so your prospect has a harder time eliminating you/your product prior to a property visit.  Once the strength of the call has shifted from the prospect to you, the timing of your questions (and answers) will control the call and create the momentum needed to set (sell) the appointment for a property visit (which is the goal of the initial phone call).


We are not saying that you will set more appointments simply by blurting out a lot of scripted babble.  Rather, your 30 second commercial allows you to gain strength in the call which is needed in order to set up additional opportunities for you to ask questions which will hopefully uncover either a need or an interest with the prospect and create the desire to go further–setting the appointment to visit the property!


Try using the outlined bullet points created for a typical Jensen community but please insert your community name and particulars.  Build your own bullet points which emphasize your builder (Jensen’s), your product and your lifestyle and then put them into a narrative.  Define and refine this narrative until it melds itself into a script lasting no more than 30 seconds.  Once you have it the way you want it, rehearse it with a friend to work out any final issues prior to committing it to memory.


  • ·       “There is a monthly fee which is the same for all home sites at ___________” (acknowledge the caller’s price type question but do not give the core answer, rather flow smoothly into an extended response):


  • ·      Jensen has been successfully managing land lease communities and building single family homes for over 75 years.
  • ·      Our monthly community fee enables you to enjoy key elements we find important to home buyers in today’s market place.
  • ·      Jensen’s does the heavy lifting by taking care of the major outside work.
  • ·      (If applicable) You also get membership to our private Recreation Center/Clubhouse which includes a swimming pool, fitness center, library, Wi-Fi, art/crafts room, billiard room and kitchen facilities.
  • ·      (If applicable) Plus, the private clubhouse is the center of all the daily and evening activities that make ________ a dynamic place to live.
  • ·      There are always things going on at ________ and the greatest part about it all is that you can choose to be as active as you want to be.
  • ·      When you visit I will make sure you receive a copy of the events calendar—it is impressive!
  • ·      In addition to the Clubhouse and activities, ________ offers  bocce ball, horse shoes, lighted streets, meticulously manicured landscaping and an impressive entrance.
  • ·      Professional property management ensures that the community remains in A #1, condition.
  • ·      The monthly fee also includes real estate taxes on the land, public water and sewer and weekly curbside trash removal.


  • ·      It is hard to find a better value for $497 per month.


  • ·      To really appreciate the total value of what Hillcrest has to offer, you really need to come and visit.  I would be able to provide additional detail and insight which would help you make your final home buying decision.
  • ·      I am able to spend some time with you later today or tomorrow around 11 am.  Which works better for you?