“How’s Business?” and Voluntarily Bringing Up Negatives–March 2012


March 2012


“How’s Business?” and voluntarily bringing up negatives

Whether you are enjoying selling homes in great times or in challenging times, the answer to “How’s business” remains the same.  Your answer needs to be simple yet passionate:

  • “Business is good and getting better!”
  • “We are busy!”

After all, you represent a company that has 30 selling locations…overall our business is good, getting better and we are busy! 

The point is that when we voluntarily bring up a negative it tends to set the tone for the rest of what we have to say—negativity breeds negativity.  So don’t go there, don’t be negative.  Who would want to purchase or invest in a place that is negative, stale, slow, not busy and unpopular?  Who would want to buy from a Sales Representative that is negative, stale, slow, not busy and unpopular?  No one of course!  Don’t be negative about you, your product, your community, your company or the market place in general.  Focus your creative thinking and energy on being positive…it pays off in the sales process and makes the world a better place at the same time.