Develop a Franchise Mentality–February 2012



“Develop a FRANCHISE mentality”

When you own your own business or franchise you tend to feel the heat fast if things go wrong or start to slip.  The flip side is as an owner, when things go right you enjoy large success. 

So is the same as a Sales Representative at JENSENS!

I do not know of many other careers where one can enjoy all the rewards of success—just like the owner of the business, yet, when things go wrong…it can all be lost quickly…just like the owner of the business.  For me personally, it is why I have so much respect for those who choose sales as a career.  We are just like the actual owners—putting our (and our family’s) future on the line based on our ability to produce the right results.  If we fail we go down hard, but when we win we win big!

If you agree with the above then it only makes sense for you as a high performing Sales Representative to think of yourself just like the owner.  A franchise mentality is in order and is the only way to think when performing your career and job responsibilities.  Not only will decisions be easier to make but prioritizing tasks and an increased focus on the right areas of your business will come second nature when we start to think as if we own the business.  The best is when you perform your presentation to your prospects and customers.  Believing in the franchise mentality will instantly build strength and conviction in everything you have to say.  Your prospects and customers will not only feel the difference, they will trust you that much quicker because you are suddenly talking like you own the place!  Try it, it makes a difference.

If you want to improve your game, adopt a franchise mentality.  How does one get a franchise mentality…just start acting like you are the owner…the rest will fall in place.  Below are some action ideas to get you going.  Note, being an owner can sometimes require getting dirty, sweating and applying extra effort, but the rewards will be that much greater!

Franchise Mentality Action Ideas:


  1. Start creating your own sales traffic and do not wait for someone else to do it for you.  Post at least 5 ads per week on Craig’s List—in various market areas, not just your primary market area.  (Try doing some ads with pictures and some without.  Really take time to describe emotionally the major features and then the benefits of some of the details of the home and site that you are excited about.  Build the ad more from a “private seller” position than from a “company seller” position as buyers initially may be more intimidated by a large company).
  2. Behind in your numbers or want to exceed your target goals?  Do Open Houses on Saturdays and Sundays—every week!  Hustle by putting boot-leg “Open House Today!” signs with balloons out everywhere.
  3. Hustle, hustle, hustle and get out every morning to put up boot-leg signs within a ½ square mile radius of your community.  Signs should have quick, easy to read messages that call to action thus motivating the driver to come into the community.  “Open House Today!” is a highly effective message.  “New Model Home Now Open!” is also good.  How about putting four boot-legs signs within 10 foot apart in front of your property entrance saying a combined message like:  “Private Clubhouse” – “POOL” – “Fitness Center” –“Homes under 150k”.
  4. Throw an annual “customer appreciation” or “customer referral” party.  Have it at your home…or office.  Get local vendors to help spring for the bill but allow them to market their product/service.  You are the host.  Make it interesting and fun…have food and drink and raffle off prizes.  Fun is the name of the game here but make sure you stay focused on asking for referrals and more business.
  5. Start physically walking parts of your community/property weekly.  Invite resident/owners to join.  Make it fun but listen to concerns and issues.  Take a note book to write down important things as you walk, see and learn!
  6. Participate in a resident/owner community event.  Have fun but make sure you promote you and ask for referrals.
  7. Sell your next five customers pretending you are the owner and builder of the community.  Play a game with yourself and pretend…you may be surprised at how convincing you can be!
  8. Knock on local businesses and ask to form a referral partnership in exchange for allowing them to market their product or service at your office.
  9. Have a large business/employer in the area?  Schedule a meeting to talk the HR Director about having the company promote your community as a great place to live.  Provide the business with referral brochures along with community brochures and your business cards.  Maybe they have a relocation program for out of state relocated new hires?  Form and alliance and partnership.
  10. Talk to everyone—in and out of your community.  Talk up your neighborhood just like you do with your friends at home about the neighborhood you live in personally.  You never know where that conversation will go but it will be positive.

Good luck this month and here’s to enjoying the success of YOUR hard work as an owner in the home sales franchise business!!!

Your coach,